Power System Protection Introduction Video Series (Free)

3 Lessons

When I start to research a new topic about high voltage electricity and relay testing, I start by re-watching the videos in this series. The videos are dated, but the main principles of electricity are never going to change and these videos demonstrate them perfectly. The equipment in the videos is old-fashioned, but much of it is still in use today and the fundamental testing philosophies can be applied to modern test equipment and relays.

I hope to create my own version of this series one day to help high voltage testing personnel understand the power system, which will help them become true craftspeople. One day is years away, so I decided to collect all these videos and testing information I find on the internet into a “course” that anyone who is interested in improving their knowledge can take.

This isn’t our content, so some of it might disappear, and you won’t receive any kind of certificate for watching it. The audio and visual quality is terrible in some of the videos, but the information in them is pure gold. I promise that you will get a lot of information out of the content in this course if you can stick with it.

If you recognize these videos and know where I can get copies or the workbook Bill keeps mentioning, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE TO GET IT!

This is a free course, so you can sign up any time by clicking the “Take This Course” button on the Course page.