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  • How to Test Protective Relays Online Seminar (16 NETA CTDs)

    $249.95 USD

    This online protective relay testing seminar follows Chris Werstiuk (author of The Relay Testing Handbook) as he shows you the basic skills you need to test any digital relay with any modern test-set. Learn how to test protective relays with online videos that are broken down into logical chunks that you can watch at any time and in any order so that you can fit this series into your busy schedule.

    Sign up today and earn 16 NETA CTDs!

  • Online Course 1-1: The Three-Phase Power System (4 NETA CTDs)

    $29.95 USD

    Take this course to learn the basics of three-phase power systems that all relay testers should know

    Introduction to Electrical Fundamentals and Frequency

    • How Electricity is created
    • What is a cycle
    • How to count cycles
    • Understand how frequency and cycles are related
    • Converting cycles to seconds
    • Converting seconds to cycles
    • Converting cycles to cycles

    Three-Phase Power Systems

    • How three-phase power systems are created
    • How to determine what kind of three-phase power system is being generated
    • How to change one kind of  three-phase power into another
  • Online Course 1-2: Phasor Drawings for Relay Testers (4 NETA CTDs)

    $49.95 USD

    Waveform diagrams contain every detail of an electrical system, but that information can be difficult to understand without a lot of effort. Phasor drawings take the complex information embedded in waveform drawings and convert it into phasor diagrams so that you can see the most important information about an electrical system at a glance. Understanding phasor drawings is probably one of the most important skills that a relay tester must have to be successful!

    Take this course to learn these topics:
    Understanding Phasors and Creating Phasor Drawings

    • What Are Phasors?
    • How to Draw Phasor Diagrams
    • Drawing Phasors with Different Scales

    Create and Understand Phasor Diagrams Used by Different Relay and Test-Set Manufacturers

    • Drawing Phasors with Lagging Angles (Megger and GE SR)
    • Draw Phasors with Positive Angles (Doble and Manta Test Systems)
    • Draw Phasors with Negative Angles (GE UR)
    • Draw Phasors with Positive and Negative Angles (Omicron and SEL)