Perform Manual Ramping Pickup Tests with Different Test Sets


Perform Manual Ramping Pickup Tests with Different Test Sets

These videos will show you how to perform manual pickup tests using various test-sets and software.


Manta MTS-5100/5000

These test-sets were covered in the previous topics:


Omicron Test Universe

Doble F6150 Test-Sets or Enoserv RTS Software

We can’t use their products without express permission from them, even if we rented or purchased them.  We’ve been trying to get that permission for years but no-one seems to know who we should talk to, or they don’t return our messages. At this point, the only hope is for you to contact your local Doble rep and ask them to contact us to participate.

Megger Test-Sets

We contacted Megger to see if they wanted to participate and they said that they need approval from the higher-ups before they could send a test-set. Please contact your Megger rep and ask them to contact Greg Valdez (Megger’s Marketing Communications Manager) to see if we can add them to this series.

Other Test-Sets

Don’t see your test-set in this series? Leave a comment below and we’ll see if we can get a demonstration unit and add a video for that test-set.
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Hi Chris, when you perform the test for phase to ground with the Omicron quick test as the video above. We can see the IE is in opposite phase with Iphase. This is true for both 1. The common neutral connection of all 3 line CTs as well as 2. The residual CT. In the case you showed, is IE the common neutral current of all 3 line CTs or a forth residual CT current? What’s your hardware configuration for this case?

Chris Werstiuk (Administrator) November 1, 2021 at 2:09 pm

I can look at it if you give me a time stamp, but I think my previous answer explains the 180 degrees (

All modern relays will calculate I0 internally, so three phase currents are all you need.

An external residual neutral CT is just 3 x I0, so you can connect it with a residual current with three phase inputs if you never want to do any math.

You can do the same with a neutral CT with the same CT ratio as the phase CTs.

Or you could change your hardware configuration to output 4 current outputs and constantly make sure you are producing the correct current and phase angle for the forth “ground” current.

Guess which one I prefer?

The crash course on Omicron is helpful. I’ve only used Omicron a couple times. My employer mainly uses Megger and Doble, so I’ll throw my two cents in with the folks at Doble and Megger.

Chris Werstiuk (Administrator) July 7, 2022 at 6:02 pm

Megger has already agreed to send me a test-set when I am ready, so those videos will be added later this year.

Doble, on the other hand, has not been receptive; so any help in that regard would be helpful.

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