How To Perform Simple Logic Tests


How To Perform Simple Logic Tests

E-M relays were simple devices that had fixed test procedures because they were typically single-function devices. This meant that Element testing and logic testing were automatically combined together when you tested the relay.

Modern relay testers are often fixated on the element and forget the logic. Both parts of the equation are vital. The element can operate perfectly, but if isn’t programmed to do anything, it might as well be turned off. This video shows you how to perform some simple logic testing that will make you a better, and faster, relay tester.

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I agree 100% about the automated test programs, such as RTS. Unfortunately, some utilities require RTS to be used so, the results can be downloaded into Enoserve Powerbase and this keeps NERC happy.

Chris Werstiuk (Administrator) December 2, 2016 at 3:05 pm

Thanks for the comment. There’s nothing wrong with RTS, just how it is usually applied. We’ve created many effective, automated RTS tests and test plans in our hands-on classes around the country. I’d love to show it in these videos, but Doble doesn’t want to participate. If anyone wants to see videos like that, call your Doble rep and ask them why they don’t want to participate. If enough customers complain, maybe they’ll change their mind.

NERC often catches a lot of blame for stuff that has nothing to do with NERC. All NERC does is say “Tell us how often you are going to test your relays”, then they say “Prove you did what you were said you were going to do.” That’s it. How it is tested and how it is documented is completely up to the entity that owns the relays. You could perform any test from any device and write it on a piece of toilet paper; and it is just as valid as a computer generated report from RTS, or any equivalent system. If the utility uses something like Powerbase, that piece of toilet paper could be scanned into it.

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