Upload the Relay Settings


Upload the Relay Settings

Upload the Relay Settings

Uploading relay setting used to be an easy task when relays had fixed hardware; now it can be the hardest part of relay testing. Your relay has a specific configuration and firmware revision, but the relay engineer typically doesn’t have that information. ┬áThe engineer creates the settings to the best of their ability, but they typically guess the wrong configuration or firmware revision when they create the settings. The relay software then can’t send the settings to the relay because they aren’t compatible. We’ll show you how to avoid that problem when you’re at your next relay testing job, and how to send settings with the most common relay software.

You will get maximum benefit from this seminar if you have a test-set and any digital overcurrent relay so you can follow along. If you can’t find relay settings to download in this lesson, send us the appropriate information about the relay and we’ll add it to the download list.

If you don’t have a practice relay, you can contact a relay manufacturer to request a demo relay, or you can rent one from us.

Contact us at [email protected] to get request a relay or get relay settings for the seminar.

If you skipped the introduction videos, you will need to watch the introduction video for this topic (click here to jump to it) before you will be issued a certificate.

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