Perform Ramping Pickup Tests via Hybrid Ramp


Perform Ramping Pickup Tests via Hybrid Ramp

These videos will show you how to create and/or modify automatic ramping pickup tests that do NOT require you to change settings.

Manta MTS-5000/5100

Omicron Test Universe

Doble F6150 Test-Sets or Enoserv RTS Software

We can’t use their products without express permission from them, even if we rented or purchased them.  We’ve been trying to get that permission for years but no-one seems to know who we should talk to, or they don’t return our messages. At this point, the only hope is for you to contact your local Doble rep and ask them to contact us to participate.

Megger Test-Sets

We contacted Megger to see if they wanted to participate and they said that they need approval from the higher-ups before they could send a test-set. Please contact your Megger rep and ask them to contact Greg Valdez (Megger’s Marketing Communications Manager) to see if we can add them to this series.

Other Test-Sets

Don’t see your test-set in this series? Leave a comment below and we’ll see if we can get a demonstration unit and add a video for that test-set.

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Hi Chris,
When testing the relay, as you mention, the contact is chattering just about the relay pick-up result. In the real word that chatter will trip the breaker? If yes, will that be real result, not the numbers after two or three relay chattering?

Chris Werstiuk (Administrator) September 9, 2020 at 7:35 am

In the real world, the contact would close once, then the DC in the circuit would keep the contact closed. However; If it was a trip contact, every digital relay will have some kind of seal in logic to prevent the contact from chattering because that can damage the contact, so the contact would never chatter in the real world.

The only time a pickup is directly connected to the output contact is if an engineer incorrectly applies an instantaneous element directly to an output without passing it through some kind of seal-in logic.

If you are testing an inverse element pickup, the chattering contact means that the disk is closing-opening-closing-opening-closing-opening, etc. I wouldn’t call that pickup. The pickup should be when the disk is turning, so you would want the light to always be on. This definition is problematic in SEL relays because a one sample metering error sometimes causes the pickup Word Bit to flick off, even if you are well above the pickup. That’s why I usually call pickup when the chatter is more on then off. A more accurate pickup test would look at the reset Word Bit instead and then call pickup when the reset light is off because that’s when the relay really starts timing.

Chris Werstiuk (Administrator) September 9, 2020 at 7:35 am

Thanks for the question!

I like a deadman (contacts close on release) switch as experience has shown me that I can come off of a switch faster than I can press it.

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