Download All Settings, Events, and Meter Logs


Download All Settings, Events, and Meter Logs

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These videos will show you how to download all settings, events, and meter logs via the most common relays used in North America.


Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.


Beckwith Electric Co., Inc.


General Electric / Multilin



Siemens SIPROTEC Relays


ABB Relays


Don’t see your relay in this series? Leave a comment below and we’ll see if we can get a demonstration unit and add a video for that test-set.
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On the minute 6:25 of the SEL , I think the check box at the top of the terminal window ( send ctrl characters) allows you to use CTRL C to copy the terminal window into clipboard.

Chris Werstiuk (Administrator) August 25, 2020 at 7:34 am

I would love it if it did. That box allows you to use ctrl-x to stop commands.

Older versions of the software allowed copy and paste with keyboard shortcuts, but the newer version of the software seems to only allow a copy with a right click.

In latest version of IPSCOM M-3400 (Version d-0345V10.14.00) there is now a compare feature.

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